Why did we choose ‘OurKoreanTeapot?’

15 08 2009

We chose our blog name to be ‘OurKoreanTeapot’ because the journey that we are about to embark on is similar to the process of making tea. First, you have to let the water boil. Next, add the tea leaves. Then, you let the tea simmer. Lastly, you sit back and enjoy the cup of tea.

The process of making tea is similar to how our time in Korea will be over the next year. First, we took the time to research the Korean culture and learned as much as we can. Next, we will travel to Korea with not only a glimpse of knowledge, but also with a thirst for learning about the culture. Then, we will immerse ourselves into the Korean culture by learning their customs and language. Lastly, we will learn to appreciate the culture, people and enjoy every moment and experience.




8 responses

17 08 2009

Good luck and may god (our lord and savior) bless you!

18 08 2009
Brian Pulayya


18 08 2009

Love you both! Hope you have a fantastic trip and enjoy this next chapter in your lives:) I look forward to taking the trip with you through your blog:) Good luck!

18 08 2009

Hey Uncle Randy and Shauna,

I enjoyed playing ball with you and our trip to the park! I will miss you and I expect you to think about me everyday and when you come back you will have lots of ball playing to catch up on! Love you!

18 08 2009

You guys are DORKS!!!! hahahahaa..! I’ll miss you two!

18 08 2009

yall vroomin around

18 08 2009

and if you let the tea simmer too much it turns black like randy. good luck you two.

27 08 2009

I am so jealous of you both………if only I can turn back the hands of time. Live it for me:)

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