We would walk 3,000 Miles…

16 08 2009

…but, we have the mini cooper! After leaving a place where we made great friends in Washington, D.C., we moved on to the next chapter in life and began the transition process of moving to South Korea.

3,000 milesIt was imperative that we see our families in Arkansas and Florida before we left. So, we drove 18 hours to Van Buren, Ark. and stopped in Memphis to pay our respects to the King of Rock (Elivs Presley). We spent precious time with the Vo family and friends in Van Buren and Fayetteville. Thanks everyone for the wonderful times in Arkansas until next year! Good luck Sean on your first year in junior high school! We are very proud of you. Go Razorbacks!

Next stop, Atlanta, Ga.!! We got to spend time with Helen and her boyfriend Daniel, who showed us a glimpse of Atlanta. Thank you!

Last stop before Korea, Orlando, Fla.!! We made more memories with the Pulayya family and made one last road trip to Miami. Thanks Gina and Joel for the long and overdue visit! And thanks to the Pulayya family for the wonderful times. Good luck Brian on being the last part of the Gator dynasty. We are very proud of you. Go Gators!

Next stop, Korea!  Anyung! (which in Korea means “see you later!”)




One response

18 08 2009
Brad Kohr

Hey you two… Travel safely. Those kids have no idea how blessed they are going to be for the next year. Miss you both already. Bring me back a can of coca cola!

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