Hyundai City

25 11 2009

(Drive your way)

by Randy Pulayya

Ulsan is a unique city that is located on the south eastern coast of Korea and is also know as Hyundai City. Hyundai is the heart of Ulsan and Korea. Hyundai is everywhere from Hyundai cars, Hyundai Bus, Hyundai department store, Hyundai health care products and etc. Hyundai put Ulsan on the map for being the wealthiest cities in Korea.

The majority of the cars in Ulsan are Hyundai. Rarely do you see other car brands. Every now and then you’ll spot a Mini Cooper or Honda. I saw a BMW once and an orange Lamborghini at the Hyundai Department Store.

The drivers in Korea are very aggressive. They remind me of New York City Yellow Cab drivers. Police officers hardly ever pull over drivers for speeding or running the red light. You really have to stop and look both ways when crossing the street. Pedestrians do not have the right of way. Also, when you’re walking on the sidewalk you have to watch out for those crazy guys on the scooters. There are no laws in Korea that forbids scooters to ride on the sidewalk. It’s like a video game out here. First you will see a guy on a scooter driving on the road and as soon as he hits traffic he drives on the sidewalks and goes through the red light.

The other day I was walking to school and I saw a young lady driving her small hatchback car and was driving through the side street and she scarped the side of the power line post. She had at least 10 inches to make it to the street and all I heard was errrhhhhhhhh erhhhhh! The side of her car was completely damaged. One word of advice for people who plan to visit Korea, stay out of their way!




One response

25 11 2009

Crazy guys on scooters, speeders, and crooked cops? Sounds like the city of hard-knocks 😉

Hope everything is going well and the two of you are staying out of trouble!

Thanks for the update!

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